So much has changed since Thomas Dylan stumbled into British intelligence. In the 1970s the Intelligence world was riven by interservice rivalries, Communists were thought to lurk under every bed, women did the typing and made the tea and the only thing regarded with more suspicion than homosexuality was his organisation’s newly acquired, and impossibly bulky, computer.

In Awakening of Spies Dylan’s initial missions are both total failures. Despite that when a submarine interrogator is stolen from the US Navy Dylan is sent to Brazil to buy it back. He soon realises he is just a pawn in a bureaucratic battle between MI6, the CIA and Defence Intelligence. When he comes face-to-face with the brutal realities of Brazil’s military dictatorship he has to trust somebody. But who? The one thing he knows for sure is that the woman he wants to trust has been lying to him from the very beginning

In Families of Spies Thomas and Julia Dylan break off from their honeymoon when the sister of the Director General of Defence Intelligence disappears while sailing from Kefalonia to Sicily. MI6 are busy looking for a Russian spy inside the NATO airbase on Sicily but Julia and Thomas discover that the two investigations are linked. And the link is a notorious mafia massacre that took place on Mayday 1947, more than 30 years earlier.

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In Coincidence of Spies Julia Dylan witnesses a murder in  a small Russian town. She never expects to see the killer again, but she does. And it makes her realise that her husband is walking into a trap in Warsaw. She is the only one who can save him.

In Exodus of Spies Thomas Dylan finds himself on the front line in the Angolan civil war while Julia goes to work for a security consultancy set up by a man obsessed with stamp collecting. Only when her boss is murdered does it become clear that the war in Angola has come much closer to home.

In Quiver of Spies Julia Dylan is hired to find a missing academic and Thomas is sent to Turkey to find stolen Russian missiles. But all roads lead to Madeira, where a retired Russian spy has his sanctuary. But no sanctuary is safe from the unforeseen: an assassination attempt on the Queen and a full scale invasion in Central America.


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