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Julia and Thomas Dylan are honeymooning in Rome when they hear that Julia’s aunt Eveline has disappeared while sailing from Kefalonia to Sicily. The authorities conclude there must have been an accident but it soon becomes obvious that Eveline and her Iranian husband have been murdered. The murderers have made dangerous enemies. Eveline’s brother is Admiral Lord Grimspound, the Director General of Defence Intelligence. Julia and Thomas work for him.

Grimspound demands that MI6 investigates his sister’s death but they have different priorities. The Americans think there is a spy at the Sighonella NATO airbase on the island. So Grimspound sends Julia and Thomas to investigate.

They seek the help of the local police and discover that a suspiciously well informed local detective is already investigating another murder. He is convinced that the murders are linked and that the link is not in Sicily but in the feuding world of Iranian exiles.

But there is is Sicilian connection, a connection that goes right back to an infamous Mafia massacre in 1947.

To unravel the mystery of Eveline Sadeghi’s death Julia and Thomas must understand history but above all they must understand families.

Families of Spies is where John le Carré meets Agatha Christie.

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