To be published November 2020

Thomas Dylan’s posting to the MI6 Station in Moscow is uneventful, until his wife Julia witnesses a murder. The killer escapes and she never expects to see him again. But she does: back in England after a Polish stowaway stumbles onto the docks in Teeside.

Before that happens Thomas is drawn into the CIA’s Operation Coronation.

The iron curtain is starting to crumble. In Poland the CIA have decided to give it a helping hand. They want to believe that the Polish people are ready to rise up and throw out the Soviet occupiers. All that is needed is a symbol to rally around. Fortunately the Americans have found just such a symbol – the Great Crown of Jan Kazimierz.

But Operation Coronation soon goes wrong. Thomas Dylan’s life is in danger and Julia has to act quickly to save his life. And the life of the Polish stowaway.

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