Brian Landers helped pay his university bar bills by writing a column for the local paper. Since then he has written articles for various journals, newspapers and websites. After failing to find a publisher for his first book he struck lucky with Empires Apart published in the UK, US and India.

His next book was to be titled Trump, Putin and the Lessons Of History but he found the subject so depressing that he turned to fiction.

He was once interviewed for a job at the government spy agency GCHQ in Cheltenham but decided that travelling the world would be more exciting. His first full time role was helping a former Director General of Defence Intelligence and a motley collection of ex-spooks set up a political intelligence unit in the City of London. Out of this sprang the character of Thomas Dylan, a novice who over the years progresses through the labyrinthine world of British Intelligence.

Landers has worked all over the world – Lebanon, El Salvador, South Africa and points in between. He has lived in the United States, Argentina and various parts of Europe. His career choices have been eclectic including insurance, family planning, retail, manufacturing, publishing and HM Prison Service. He helped set up the Financial Ombudsman Service and has served on the boards of Amnesty UK, the Royal Armouries and Companies House. He has an MBA from London Business School.

As a director of Waterstone’s and later of Penguin his love of writing was rekindled. His first published book was largely written while commuting to work.

In 2018 he was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.